About Us

PantaRei Design Limited is a Hong Kong based commercial open source software company providing products, services and technical support for the open source Drupal. We are active open source developers, contributing community by publish research progress, providing regional support, and sponsor for events.


1. Mission

Reinvent Enterprise with Open Source Software and Cloud Computing.


2. Goal

Everything Changes and Nothing Remains Still.

3. Vision

Change the world with open source software and cloud-based solutions.

4. Our Team

Introduction of our teammates who will serve your business.

5. Our History

Our open source business started in 2010. We keep on developing products and services to reinvent your business.

6. Our Partners

Our global partners to support your needs.


7. Our Customers

List of customers choosed our products and services.


8. Our Workflow

A flow of how we work out the product with maximized value to your business.