Submitted by kpyan8s on Wed, 2018-05-23 17:24

In Hong Kong Open Source Conference, Edison Wong will share how to deploy and upgrade Drupal in Containerized High Availability Virtual Hosting with Kubernetes, Docker and Ansible. Date : 16 Jun (Sat) at 14:30pm

Above solution is open source and target to innovate the way we do for web application deployment and maintenance. High availability, fast, reliable, secure and platform independent.


Date: 2018-06-16 (Sat)

Time: 14:30 - 15:30

Venue: Hong Kong Science Park, Conference Hall 4-5 (

Location: Conference Hall 04 - 05, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.

Meetup URL :

Conference Website:


Contact:, +852 3576-3812