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Refer to Atlassian blog, we have six key strategies to create excellent agile team. An agile team is a cross-functional group of people that have all required skill and knowledge, to produce a working, tested increment of product.

Try these for your team.

Remember that patience is necessary

According to Tuckman’s “Stages of Group Development”, teams go through several phases: forming, storming, norming, and performing. This process naturally takes time. It takes a while to get direction for how people work together and to build a system that really working.

Respond to change

Same as our company name Panta Rei. It is a phrase "everything flows" was spoken by Heraclitus as quotation.

Change is inevitable. And, a key element of agile teams is the ability to respond to those changes, instead of trying to stick with previous plan. The best teams constantly reevaluate their priorities and shift their resources accordingly.

Focus on results

As all teammates has all necessary skills and knowledge, we could focus on results rather than procedure and process.

More emphasis on the results, team members feel empowered to make decisions, solve problems, and develop innovative solutions using whatever skills and expertise they have.

Focus on team's achievements, not individuals

When every team member recognize that their efforts are contributing to the bigger picture, the entire team will help each other to succeed together. Make an environment where everyone is accountable for the final product — and not just their individual contribution.

Seek and use feedback

Beyond customer feedback, great teams are also extremely transparent with each other. They don’t sweep problems under the rug. They remain completely honest and view any blunders or roadblocks as opportunities to continuously learn and ultimately improve. Holding retrospectives can help a lot to achieve that.


Every member of the team needs to trust that others will handle their works and get things done when and how they said they would do them. They are stay closely to build an awesome product and to succeed together.

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