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Refer to Tech Times article, starting in September, with Chrome version 69, websites with HTTPS designation will no longer have the green "Secure" text and lock that appear in the URL bar. Google believe users know that the web is safe. see below diagram.

Google Chrome HTTPS website

Meanwhile, when visitors visit non-HTTPS sites, the web browser will showcase a red warning icon and a "Not secure" label in the URL bar.

HTTP Website Google Chrome1

What is HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP helps internet users communicate with other sites on the World Wide Web. In order to make the communication secure, HTTPS comes and the "S" means "Secure". If websites do not have HTTPS, this means that users' data information could be compromised and fall into third parties' hands.

How to get HTTPS?

In the past, website owner need to purchase an SSL certificate and arrange time to convert website to HTTP to HTTPS. With Let's Encrypt which is supported by Internet Security Research Group, we could register free SSL certificate for you.

For renewal of certificate, our hosting services will perform renewal automatically. Means you could run your website secure without additional certificate cost and unexpected red warning of not secure label.

We support Drupal Content Management System and care about security for you. With our hosting services, you will have:

  • HTTPS powered by Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Quarterly Drupal security update
  • Urgent Drupal security update
  • High performance and high availability website


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