Submitted by kpyan8s on 週五, 2017-06-30 10:25

Atlassian Certifications help professional deliver world-class experiences to teams everywhere, and sharpen performance.

With 5 years experience in utilizing Atlassian software in both internal and external projects, I challenged myself to take exams provided by Atlassian. I chose JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk exams which requiring case study and problem analysis.

With attending Atlassian exam preparation course, studying Atlassian documentation and practising different scenario in Atlassian software, I passed both JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk exam.

Atlassian Certified in Agile Development with JIRA Software

The Agile Development with JIRA Software (ACP-JSW) credential builds on the professional's existing agile skills, with a focus on optimizing the power of JIRA Software for their development teams. This credential is for scrum masters, project leads and board administrators.

Atlassian Certified JIRA Service Desk Administrator

The Atlassian Certified Professional JIRA Service Desk Administrator (ACP-JSD) manages, customizes, and configures JIRA Service Desk. Certification in JIRA Service Desk Administration covers the skills needed to set up and optimize JIRA Service Desk for any service management team

If you are looking for consultancy services for JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk. Please feel free to contact us.