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Empowering Network Automation with Ansible

AlviStack - Empowering Network Automation with Ansible

Discover how AlviStack revolutionizes network automation with Ansible, simplifying playbook development and empowering organizations to achieve their automation goals in record time.

Discover the present and future of automation in every industry, including networks. Networks, being a vital part of the infrastructure puzzle, benefit greatly from automation. Ansible, an influential network automation pioneer, is a remarkably powerful yet simple automation engine. It primarily functions as a configuration management tool, effortlessly pushing configurations over SSH using playbooks. Playbooks, composed of YAML files, contain valuable configuration information. YAML, a data model organized in key-value pairs, effectively presents data. An inventory file defines the set of hosts for playbook execution. Modules, roles, and plugins within the playbook work their magic, converting the data model into tangible configurations. Let's take a moment and breathe!

Although not simple, Ansible remains the most commanding automation tool. The benefits it offers always outweigh the effort required to overcome the learning curve.

AlviStack takes it a step further. We navigate that steep, challenging curve on your behalf. With AlviStack, designing your networks at scale and generating Ansible playbooks for the entire fabric becomes effortless. In just a few clicks, you can auto-generate Ansible playbooks – yes, you read that correctly, auto-generate them. It's like having self-driving cars, but for Ansible playbooks. Similar to self-driving cars, you have the option to either drive manually from source to destination or click a few buttons to enjoy an auto-piloted ride. You can design your network, create excel sheets, form an automation plan, and create playbooks using a diverse range of 20 modules and roles. Alternatively, you can simply design a fabric, click, and download your playbooks. Now, that's what we call genuinely simple.

AlviStack revolutionizes playbook development for your network fabric through automation. We generate playbooks based on our proven best practices, thoroughly tested for quality assurance. Our Fabric Design Center boasts a comprehensive selection of over 35 network switches, including 10G, 25G, and 100G switches, empowering users to create a customized fabric.

Take a leap toward achieving your automation goals with AlviStack – where you can design and automate your fabric playbooks in under a minute.


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